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ZenFit is a Functional Fitness Program offers products for individuals and Box Owners with a training and coaching system that is created for everyone from the aspiring CrossFit Games athlete to the weekend warrior who is training once a day to be the fittest athlete possible while balancing all the other tasks life throws at us.
The program is designed by Coach Chris Oman and is an evolution from the same program that have made Cape CrossFit in Cape Town, South Africa, arguably one of the most successful CrossFit gyms in the country. The program is also exactly the same that is being used in the various Cape CrossFit boxes on a daily basis by both their general population members and competitive athletes that are aiming at becoming the fittest in South Africa.

The program design revolvs around the “MAIN WOD” each day which is in it self a great well rounded “1-session a day” option for those looking at maximizing their limited time to train each day, but we also offer Add-Ons which focus on the three below areas often needing extra focus for anyone wanting to succeed in the Sport of Fitness.

ZenFit Programs

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OUR Zolutions

ZenFit Athletics is designed so that you can chose to go about your training on your own or with the help of a ZenFit Coach. We also offer packages for Box owners that want to outsource the programming management to allow them to focus on their love for “being on the floor” (we know how much that means to you!) – and even have a Full Management package for anyone wanting a full solution for managing their gym remotely through our proven structures.

ZenFit Competition

Includes 5-6 Days per week of a Full Time Athlete’s program. Most days include 2-3 sessions and you will be exposed to 2-3 of ZenFit Add-On Tracks (Power House/Ninja Warrior/Tank Engine) daily.

*SPECIAL: First 25 to sign up for ZenFit Competition gets it at R399/month for first 12 months!

R499 (~$32)/month

ZenFit Athletics 90

Includes 5 Days a week of “ZenFit Main WOD” + an added track from the ZenFit Power House/Ninja Warrior/Tank Engine depending on the day – all to be done in 90min daily sessions.

R399 (~$25)/month

ZenFit GPP

Includes the 6 days per week “ZenFit Main WOD” with a highly varied approach to your fitness training.

R299 (~$19)/month

ZenFit Remote Coaching

This gives you access to a Coach that will help you get the most out of the program. You can choose either a basic level of coaching interaction via WhatsApp/email with limited video analyse feedback, or you can go for a full on remote coaching package where you’re remote coach checks in with you frequently, watches unlimited videos of your training AND performs a monthly 1-on-1 session Online.

From R1799 (~$115)/month

ZenFit Box Programming

Access to the full ZenFit programming AND Coaches Notes, Purpose Videos for your members and coaches and feedback to help develop your coaching team.

R1999 (~$128)/month

ZenFit Remote Head Coach Solution

This is for the Box Owner that want an experienced ZenFit Coach to guide their team. All the above from “ZenFit Box Programming” is included but here your ZenFit Coach is available to help your team on a daily basis via WhatsApp Groups/email and your ZenFit Coach also runs a bimonthly remote Coaches Hub to run your trainers through the coming program and how to coach the classes with it.
This also allows your ZenFit Coach to further tailor the original ZenFit Program to fit your exact environment.

R4999 (~$320)/month

ZenFit Affiliate Management

Access to all services included in the ZenFit Box Programming plus a complete management system and support by ZenFit’s experienced Team (over 10 years experience in the CrossFit industry). Depending on your needs we offer to do anything from educating your staff on the systems, or even run your gyms admin and management remotely so that you can focus on COACHING.


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