Frequently Asked Questions


YES! Most human beings will not be able to train “full time” and our programming is designed to allow for a volume that suits you and your lifestyle. Check out“Choose your Zolution” under “How To Zen”” for more info on how to structure your training and choose the right Zolution for you..

That completely depends on your goal, your lifestyle, and of course your current experience level.

Check out “Choose your Zolution” under “How To Zen” for direction and guidelines, but also realise that for most human beings a 1-hour session per day session with 1-2 parts to develop skill or strength in combination with some high intensity conditioning is perfect, and all you need.

Volume is not always better, in fact for some it’s a lot worse to “train more”.

Give us a shout on [email protected] if you want help with finding your right frequency and training plan within our systems.

If a movement in the general program is out of reach for you due to capacity/lack of equipment you simply look at either the “Bodyweight/No Equipment”-option or the “Unilateral/Limited Equipment (KB/DB)”-option which both are programmed in Beyond the Whiteboard daily.
Standard scaling of movements will be offered and also often explained in the Purpose videos which also are  posted in BTWB at 18.00 (SA-time) the day before.

But, we do program for all Concept 2 Ergs (Row/Ski/Bike) & Assault Bikes to be used almost on a weekly basis so be prepared to substitute according to what you have access to.

If you “only” have one of the machines as an example you should make sure to not use that machine more than 2-3 times per week and either choose a run or even different ZenFit Add-On track on some days!

We offer modifications to ensure that you can develop these skills over time and actually highly recommend you to do the ZenFit Ninja Warrior as often as you can as that will help you develop the skills you currently lack.


We base all our programming on “heavy” or “% of 1RM” which means that the loads are highly individual. What we strongly recommend is that you focus mainly on movement quality and realise that sometimes an empty bar and working on technique is more important than putting load on the same as this will both keep you safe and allow you to get stronger over time. Technique is more important than load.

We also offer the ZenFit Remote Coach package where you can get individual help from a Personal ZenFit Coach who can look at videos and give you technique feedback on a weekly basis.

We strongly advise against this for a few reasons:

– The structure for each day is planned specifically to give you a given stimulus in each part. Some parts are meant to be done “fresh” and if you bypass that those parts are basically a waste of time.
– Your power output in such a long session will be lower = less results.
– The risk for injury increases without adequate rest and recovery between parts.

If your time is limited, we recommend you to rather follow the “ZenFit Athletics 90” as that is designed as a perfect structure for “Weekend Warriors”, or even Masters athletes, that wants to train a bit more than just a WOD a day, while not having enough time/need to train as a Full Time Athlete.


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