How to Zen

Choose YOUR ZenFit Athletics Lifestyle

How to Zen

ZenFit Athletics is a program that can be used by any “normal human being” wanting to increase their life capacity, as well as it can be used for the “elite athlete” to reach the pinnacle of the Sport of Fitness – or anyone in between!

There are many different GREAT programs out there that can help you develop gymnastics, weightlifting, aerobic capacity, and more – but compared to using different programs to develop these areas the ZenFit various program tracks are all programmed in harmony and meant to be able to be used together. This means that none of the workout pieces on one day will put the athlete at risk by being too similar to what happens the next day.

Depending on YOUR goals and lifestyle you can choose your own “volume” and training frequency as per guidelines below – simply define which of the below profiles you fit and then choose your package accordingly!

First, define who YOU are:


If you are aiming at being a full time competitive athlete your mission is easy, you should simply follow the “ZenFit COMPETITON” structure every day of the week. We train multiple sessions a day and throughout the year most weeks means training Monday – Wednesday plus Friday – Saturday. We  usually have a programmed Active Recovery Day on Thursdays plus a FULL REST Day on Sundays.

You should make sure that you have the time and motivation to not only train in a full volume program which means around 3-4 hours of working out per day, but also spend enough time working on your recovery & performance enhancing methods outside of the different workout pieces. This includes warm ups & cool downs, body maintenance, nutrition & sleep. 

NB:  We also recommend +3, ideally 6, hours between workout pieces some days – if your lifestyle doesn’t allow for that we recommend you to rather choose the “Weekend Warrior that want slightly more volume”-path.

Weekend Warrior

This one is for you that love the Sport of Fitness, but have a lifestyle that doesn’t allow you to be a “full time” athlete. You’re usually doing 1 session per day 5-6 times per week and want to do a little more volume either to work on a weakness – or simply because you enjoy it!

The “ZenFit Athletics 90”  is for you. This will have a guided 90min session each day where we program the ZenFit Main WOD and 1 out of the 3 Add-On Tracks to simply give you a slightly higher volume in all areas of our sport – this is great if you want to use your training to as an example excel in local competitions or just want to put in a little bit more effort to be at the top of the whiteboard each day.

NB: The recommended Add-On piece will vary between the Tank Engine, Power House & Ninja Warrior tracks each day to ensure the full training week is as well balanced as possible.  If YOU want to chose your Add-On track yourself every day you should rather be on the “ZenFit Competition”-package.

Weakness Hunters & Cherry Pickers


This is for you that either have a “glaring weakness” that you want to work on, or for you that have simply found one area of our sport that you enjoy more and thus would want to get more exposure to almost daily!
You will simply follow the “ZenFit Main WOD” each day and then choose ONE Track if you want to work on a weakness and do that 3-5 times per week.

(Read more about the ZenFit Tank Engine, Ninja Warrior, and Power House-tracks HERE!).

To get full access to choose tracks freely you would need the “ZenFit Competition”-package.

Tip from Coach: If you have a glaring weakness you can choose to do that Add-On Track as your first part of the training session, to prioritise either your gymnastics, strength or aerobic capacity.

NB: yes we are promoting a well rounded program and if you want to reach the very top of our sport you do need to train ALL areas of the sport in a well balanced approach (like with the “ZenFit Competition”-package) – BUT if that is not the goal and if you really love Weightlifting as an example, there is nothing wrong with you choosing that track even if it’s not a weakness – a cool thing would however be to for instance choose ONE Add-On from another track per week just to make sure you also work outside of your comfort zone.


Busy Human Being looking for 'The best hour of my day’

This is for you that simply enjoys getting your daily session done in a 45-60min window 3-6 times per week. For you we recommend the ZenFit Main WOD as a staple, and the “ZenFit GPP”-package might be perfect for you!
In the ZenFit GPP program we constantly vary and mix the various parts of our sport into a daily “Class-WOD”, (This is the one that Boxes that use ZenFit for their classes will use in those). This means that by following the ZenFit Main WOD every day you constantly get exposed to Gymnastics, Cardio & Weightlifting in a combination that will make you improve in all 3 areas.

NB: Another cool thing is that the ZenFit Main WOD comes in 3 variations each day: “CrossFit”, Unilateral (for kettle bell/dumbell work), and Bodyweight/No Equipment which means that this program can also be perfect if you don’t have access to a fully equipped gym – or even train from home!

Freedom Hunter


If you want to work out with one session a day as your structure but want more freedom and flexibility you can also choose to sign up for “ZenFit Competition”-package and then choose to vary your training with any of the Add-On Tracks instead of the daily ZenFit Main WOD on a day to day basis.
As an example you could do the Main WOD on a Monday, Tank Engine piece on the Tuesday, Main WOD again on the Thursday and then either the Ninja Warrior or Power House piece on the Friday.

We recommend a varied approach unless you really have a love for one specific area that we offer,  but remember that for you that aren’t aiming at going to the CrossFit Games having FUN is most important as it will allow you to continue doing this to stay fit & healthy forever.

Tip from Coach: On some days the various track are combined which means that you can choose one of those to get a good dose of 2-3 areas of our sport, and some days two tracks may be fairly short and as such allowing you to do both and still it get done in one 30-45min session which could suit you as well.


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