ZenFit Tracks

Our Balanced Programming Options


Included in the “ZenFit GPP”-Zolution.

This is the foundation of our entire program. It’s the corner stone that ALL our athletes are doing on a daily basis, no matter of their experience level or ambitions, and then the other programs below are designed to support those that want to train more than just the “one WOD a day” – which by the way is plenty enough for the biggest part of the population.

The ZenFit MAIN WOD is based on a broad variance where we mix all modalities of Functional Fitness to make you as well rounded as possible. We do gymnastics, cardio pieces and weightlifting – mixed in an endlessly varied program that makes the training FUN every day.

To make this program even better we also offer two modified versions of the daily MAIN WOD:
– Unilateral/Limited Equipment, which is mainly done with Kettle Bells/Dumbells.
– Bodyweight/No Equipment, which is exactly like it sounds like based on movement variations without any load.

Both of those two versions are perfect if you either train from home, are still learning the more complex barbell movements as an example, or simply feel like changing it up!


This is a program focused on increasing your Strength. We mix Olympic Lifting (Snatch and Clean & Jerk variations) with classic Power Lifting (Deadlifts, Squats, Presses) and plenty of Accessory Work to make you as strong as possible. This program is perfect for you if you struggle to perform the “Rx” weights in the WOD’s, or if you simply enjoy having a being STRONG!

This program is part of our ZenFit COMPETITION program approximately 4-5 times per week, and also shows up in ZenFit ATHLETICS 90 2-3 times per week depending on the overall volume of lifting.


This Add-On program that focuses on Aerobic Capacity to build a huge engine. We focus on Cardio based sessions where we either use for instance Concept 2 Ergs, Assault Bikes, or just your own body by running/skipping/swimming and more. This program is perfect for you if you struggle in longer workouts, or simply enjoy having a big Endurance capacity!

This program uses all the commonly used cardio machines in our sport such as Concept 2 Ergs (Row, Ski & Bike) and Assault Bikes but can still be used if you for instance have access to “only” one of them. If so we recommend that you make sure to only use your machine 2-3 times per week and either chose to do any other programmed Tank Engine with Running, or even choose an entirely different Track a day or two per week to avoid overuse injuries and fatigue.


This Add-On program that focuses on Gymnastic Strength & Stamina to make us better at gymnastic biased CrossFit WODs, and to make us better at moving ourselves through space. We balance this program between both strict Gymnastic Strength and increasing our capacity and Stamina for high volume kipping workouts. This program is designed for you if you either struggle with the higher level gymnastic skills, need more gymnastic capacity, or simply enjoy feeling like you can move like Spiderman.
We do program “high level” skills in this program but we also offer modified versions for you that are still developing those. You can follow the ZenFit NINJA WARRIOR without being able to do a single pull up, as long as you are prepared to modify accordingly!


This program is included in ALL our Zolutions as we simply believe that EVERYONE should stretch at least 15min per day.
This is our daily Yoga-Stretch program where we have a 15min follow along video to show you how to do a relaxing yet efficient mobility piece that is designed to directly correlate with movements, joints & muscles used in the MAIN WOD each day.

The Daily Flex can be done as a wake up routine, a prep for a WOD (make sure to get some active range of motion warm up in before you start your workout if so), or of course as a finisher after the MAIN WOD – most of our athletes uses it as such but we aren’t fuzzy. If you stretch SOME TIME during the day we are happier than if you don’t.