ZenFit’s philosophy when it comes to developing athletes is focusing on 3 areas: Balance, Quality of Movement & Time Under Tension. 

Balance as in: we aim at developing our athletes across all areas of our sport throughout the year. Sure, we do have certain “seasons” within a year where we for instance focus slightly more on Strength development, and other periods where we focus more on Open Style Conditioning – but throughout the year we always train CrossFit. This allows our athletes to always be ready for competition, and has also created a pool of athletes where glaring weaknesses seem to be rare.
Balance also speaks of the Lifestyle that ZenFit wants to promote. For the general population this means providing a training program and a philosophy that the fitness created in the gym should always allow one to live the life outside of the gym better.
For the most competitive athletes that philosophy is not different. Even though they spend many more hours in the day inside the gym ZenFit we will always program and promote outdoors activities which includes regular running sessions in the ZenFit Tank Engine, and also don’t be surprised if you see for instance “Go for a 2 hour Hike” as a programmed Active Recovery session – we’re huge believers in a balanced lifestyle no matter who you are and spending time using your fitness in nature is one of the best ways we know to achieve exactly that.

Quality of Movement is a high priority area in our training, not only for the obvious reason that it minimise the risk of injury but also because it always leads to better performance! We program a lot of movements that allows you to work on the right positions for both Weightlifting and Gymnastics, (read “time under tension” below), and also give you a plenty of chances to focus on the technique of a specific movement in lower intensity sessions. As an example we frequently mix the ZenFit Tank Engine program with the ZenFit Ninja Warrior to build your aerobic base while for instance fine-tuning your muscle ups/toes to bars/hand stand push ups etc.
Our job is to give you the understanding of why you need movement quality & how to do it,  your job is to use the concept to your advantage and strive for establishing your heavy lifts and “max efforts” with good form. That way you’ll quickly improve and those max efforts and 1RM’s will continue to increase forever.

Time Under Tension means that we spend a lot of time strengthening the right positions in our gymnastics and weightlifting training, but it also refers to our acceptance of the fact that getting GREAT takes time. We don’t worry about where we are today as much as we use the daily training to be better tomorrow – by allowing ourselves to simply focus on what improvements we can make happen today, instead of where we ‘want to be’, we know that the time under tension will eventually take us to the very top.
The best athletes in the world that gets to compete for the podium spots at the CrossFit Games each year all have many years of CrossFit as their background, even the younger athletes like Haley Adams & Justin Medeiros that did so well at the 2020 Games have both done 7-9 years of CrossFit already..
This allows us to know that  us rest assured that as long as we keep on improving by 1kg and 1 rep when the chances to max out are given, our chance will come.


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