ZenFit OLYMPIC LIFTING Remote Coaching

R999.00 / month

This gives you full access to all the ZenFit programming, but it also gives you your Personal ZenFit Coach.



This gives you full access to the brand new ZenFit OLYMPIC LIFTING programming, and it also gives you your Personal ZenFit Coach focusing specifically on the Olympic Lifts.
Your coach is available to give advise on how to approach each workout in correlation with your individual environment and capacity, and will also request videos to give feedback on your movements on a weekly basis.

PS. If you want to have access to the full ZenFit COMPETITION & OLYMPIC TRACK and have a remote Coach, you’ll need the full ZenFit REMOTE COACHING Solution (from R1’799.00/month): https://zenfitathletics.com/product/zenfit-remote-coaching/

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Chris Oman, Justin Swart, Chad Theron


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