Terms & Conditions


1. All ZenFit programs and resources are subject to copyright of ZenFit Athletics. It is not allowed to under any circumstances share the programs or resources provided by ZenFit Athletics to any person that is not a ZenFit Athletics member. Failure to comply will result in an immediate cancellation of your membership, and could lead to legal implications due to IP-theft.

NB: Posting small parts of your daily training in Social Media as an example is of course allowed and promoted.
2. Any attempts to copy and use ZenFit Athletics Intellectual Property as prescribed programs and/or resources to sell to a third party is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to do so will result in ZenFit Athletics pressing legal charges.

1. ZenFit Athletics charges the client in advance for the month ahead and by signing up you agree to a monthly billing to occur until cancellation. 
2. When you sign up for a membership you agree to the payment terms which means that you will be billed for the coming month’s access indefinitely until you cancel. 
3. ZenFit Athletics will not reimburse any payments unless a client is wrongfully charged after cancellation. 
1. ZenFit Athletics is based on a High Performance and High Intensity training protocol and as such we highly recommend any client to first get a medical clearance from their physician before performing any workouts prescribed by ZenFit Athletics.
2. ZenFit Athletics is released from all claims from any individual or legal entity due to injury/death or loss/damage of property as a result, directly or indirectly, due to performing workouts prescribed by ZenFit Athletics.