Today’s Session:


– 5/5 Front Rack Loaded Step Ups @25-35% of 1RM Front Squat*
*NB: Use a load that allows good angles. Box Should be set at height where your knee is JUST at/below parallel to your hip. Avoid leaning forward to stand up. Perform 5 step ups on one leg and then the other.

ZenFit POWER HOUSE 2) E90s x5:
– 5/5 One Arm Upright Row with 1111-tempo
*1s up, 1s pause, 1s down, 1s dead stop in bottom.


Short rest to:

ZenFit MAIN WOD. “EMOM MANIA”, 24min EMOM, 2 rounds through:

Min 1 & 13: Max Wall Balls
Min 2 & 14: REST
Min 3 & 15: Max Bar Muscle Ups
Min 4 & 16: REST
Min 5 & 17: Max Wall Balls
Min 6 & 18: REST
Min 7 & 19: Max CTB Pull Ups
Min 8 & 20: REST
Min 9 & 21: Max Wall Balls
Min 10 & 22: REST
Min 11 & 23: Max Toes To Bar
Min 12 & 24: REST
[Score is total reps]


Min 3 & 15: CTB Pull Ups
Min 7 & 19: Pull Ups
Min 11 & 23: Toes To Bar


Short rest to:

– 10-15 GHD Sit Ups
– 10-15 Hip Extensions
– 30s L-Sit
– 30s Weighted Plank
*NB: Don’t Have GHD? Do MedBall Weighted Sit Ups (GHD-SU) + Light Good Mornings (Hip Ext)

Purpose video and some things to think about below.


Daily Guidance ZenFit ATHLETICS 90:

If yesterday was pretty heavy today is more about high repetition volume to build a lot of stamina and endurance for your classic CrossFit style WOD’s!

Your Daily Plan is written in the notes in BTWB, so you can also find these recommendations of structure in BTWB under the ZenFit Competition Track, the detailed Strategies etc is however exclusive to your Athletes Area.

In the Power House part of today’s training we will first do some unilateral strengthening to both bullet proof your body, and to “activate” the right muscles around the joints for the movements we’ll be using in the big Main WOD.

The Main WOD is a monster, but with the built in work/rest relationship you should be able to maintain a high effort throughout the entire 23 minutes (The last minute is for laying on the floor feeling good about yourself). 
There is no need to do HUGE unbroken sets in the Bar Gymnastics, but rather break them down into small sets with short rest where you still MOVE throughout the full working minute – that will allow you to continue to accumulate a high total number of reps in the second “round” of this WOD. 
For the Wall Balls it really comes down to your capacity as an athlete overall, but also what you are aiming at getting out of the workout. Here’s a few examples:
1. Top Level athlete with a big capacity and will rank high in the Open: There should really be no reason to not try to go for a full 1 minute of unbroken Wall Balls and aim to get 30-ish reps per round, while still being able to work for the majority of the minutes allocated for Bar Gymnastics. Moderate sets with very short breaks here is a good way to go.
2. Got a high level of bar gymnastics, but need to work on Fitness: Same as above, if your bar gymnastics is solid you should focus on the Wall Balls to be willing to hurt more. It’s ok if this then effect your total reps of Bar Gymnastics as the “hurt” is what you need to work on.
3. Got a high Fitness level, but bar gymnastics needs work: Now we recommend you to rather hold back in the Wall Balls to feel “fresh” for the Bar Gymnastics. Aim for a set that is repeatable for instance every 20s in the Bar Gymnastics minutes and similar on the Wall Balls. 
4. Can’t yet Rx high level gymnastic movements like this: Choose variations that are challenging but doable, and as above hold back on Wall Balls to turn this into a technique session for Bar Gymnastics rather!

The last part is as you can see a proper midline burner which is there to simply bullet proof your core. Aim for rep ranges that allows for perfect tension in the midline while doing them and treat as it is: a finisher for QUALITY.