A. NINJA WARRIOR, E90s For speed (note your fastest and slowest round):
10m Hand Stand Walk

*NB: Don’t Have HSW yet? Perform 20 Nose To Wall Shoulder Taps each round.

B. TANK ENGINE, “The Ski Ghost”, 6 rounds of EMOM alternate each minute:
1. Ski Erg Calories
2. Burpees
3. Double Unders (5 reps = 1p)

NB: This is basically the SAME as our Main WOD tomorrow, if you are following the ZenFit COMPETITION Track you should have an Active Recovery Day tomorrow and NOT do this WOD again..

REST +3 hours to: 



– 3-Position Snatch Pull (Mid Hang, Hang, Low Hang) @ 70-80% of 1RM Snatch
*NB: This is a straight arm shrug and not a “High Pull”

– 3-Position Clean Pull (Mid Hang, Hang, Low Hang) @ 70-80% of 1RM Clean *NB: This is a straight arm shrug and not a “High Pull”


Short rest to:

E. MAIN WOD A. Power House, E2min30s x 7 – build to: – 5RM Deadlift

F. MAIN WOD B. “Strength & Sweat”, EVERY 3min x 5 Rounds for Quality with:

– 10 (5/5) 1-arm Bent Over Rows [32/24kg]

– 20 Farmers March Steps [2×32/24kg]

– 60s Double KB Front Rack Hold

NB: Rest the remainder of the 3min block.


Purpose video for Main WOD and some things to think about Strategy wise for the whole day below.



Daily Guidance ZenFit COMPETITION:

Totally swopping gears – yesterday was a lot about moderate Tank Engine work for the aerobic system and building stamina in classic “low load”-movements, whilst today is all about Speed, HARD efforts, and strength work.

Your Daily Plan is written in the notes in BTWB, so you can also find these recommendations of structure in BTWB under the ZenFit Competition Track, the detailed Strategies etc is however exclusive to your Athletes Area.

Today’s first piece is focusing on speed work on your hands. Don’t forget to warm up properly for this one, as an example with 2 slow rounds of the Tank Engine piece followed by what’s needed to be really warm and active on your hands!
After those 10 rounds we’re hitting what’s meant to be arguably one of the toughest training pieces of the week: A pure Lactic Acid party where your goal is to NOT pace and rather be willing to go at a 95% pace on the first round to train being uncomfortable – and to teach the body to recover as much as possible in the rest minutes. This one is meant to hurt and your scores are meant to drop off slightly each round.

In the second part of today’s training we will first do some Olympic Lifting Pulls from 3 positions to work on consistency on how to “deliver the bar to the power position”. The goal is to make all lifts look the same, obviously except for the starting point. This is also a great chance to dial in the timing of hips opening BEFORE triple extension – being on your toes early blunts your power drastically.

The Main WOD is all about raw strength, with a focus on SAFELY building absolute strength. Your “5RM” should be with an absolutely perfectly set back, where it doesn’t change shape what so ever in any point during the lift. We rather have you move slightly less with perfect form as this also transfers over to your Olympic Lifting better!

The finisher is exactly what it sounds like: a part that’s meant to make you sweaty while getting stronger.
The Bent Over Rows are meant to be done with your torso kept as parallel to the ground as possible, and without using it for momentum. The March Steps should also be done with a focus on keeping your midline tight so you don’t sway too much side to side and then the Front Rack Holds is as you know a staple in our training to build both upper body stability strength, and mental fortitude.
Don’t do these 5 Rounds “for time”, but rather for Quality to continue to bullet proof your body. 

PS. Don’t forget about the Daily Flex Below. We recommend it after any of your pieces in the day, the mobility poses are taking the Main WOD’s movements in consideration but you can do it when it fits best in your training day.