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ZenFit Athletics believes in solving your fitness problems with a well balanced offering where you  can chose a package that suits your lifestyle and goals – and then either to go about your training on your own, or with the help of a ZenFit Coach.

We also offer packages for Box owners that want to outsource the programming management to allow them to focus on their love for “being on the floor” (we know how much that means to you!).
And we even have a Remote Head Coach solution and a Full Management package for anyone wanting various degrees of getting their gyms remotely managed through our proven structures.

For the athletes

ZenFit Competition

Includes 5-6 Days per week of a Full Time Athlete’s program. Most days include 2-3 sessions and you will be exposed to 2-3 of ZenFit Add-On Tracks (Power House/Ninja Warrior/Tank Engine) daily.

– R399/month for 12 months (original R499)
– 21 Day FREE Trial. 

R399/month (~$27)

ZenFit Athletics 90

Includes 5 Days a week of “ZenFit Main WOD” plus an added track from the ZenFit Power House, Ninja Warrior or Tank Engine depending on the day – all to be done in 90min daily sessions.

– R299/month for 12 months (original R399) 
– 21 Day FREE Trial. 

R299/month (~$20)

ZenFit GPP

Includes the 6 days per week “ZenFit Main WOD” with a highly varied approach to your fitness training.

Also includes a Unilateral/Limited Equipment and a Bodyweight/No Equipment version of each WOD.

– R199/month for 12 months (original R299) 
– 21 Day FREE Trial. 

R199/month (~$14)

ZenFit Remote Coaching

This gives you full access to all the ZenFit programming as per above, but it also gives you your Personal ZenFit Coach. Your coach is available to give advise on how to approach each workout in correlation with your individual environment and capacity, and will also request videos to give feedback on your movements on a weekly basis.

From R1799 (~$122)/month

For the box owners

ZenFit Box Programming

This is for the Box Owners that wants to focus on coaching their members rather than spending hours each week to create their programming.
WE love programming, but for many it turns into a “must do” instead of “want to do” so we simply offer world class programming that allows you to deliver the best possible classes to your members.
Included is not only the full ZenFit Programming in it self loaded in our Coaches Corner on a weekly basis but also weekly Coaches Notes with broad Lesson Plans and weekly Purpose Videos for your coaches to learn what the focus of each session should be!

(NB: We will also load it for you and your members to use in Beyond The Whiteboard if you have an account there), 

R1999 (~$135)/month

ZenFit Remote Head Coach Solution

This is for the Box Owner that want an experienced ZenFit Coach to guide their team. All the above from “ZenFit Box Programming” is included but here your ZenFit Coach is available to help your team on a daily basis via WhatsApp Groups/email and your ZenFit

Coach also runs a bimonthly remote Coaches Hub to run your trainers through the coming program and how to coach the classes with it.

This also allows your ZenFit Coach to further tailor the original ZenFit Program to fit your exact environment.

R4999 (~$340)/month

ZenFit Full Affiliate Management Solution

This is for the Box Owner that want a ZenFit Manager to simply put “take over the operations”. It includes all of the above but also Membership management, email support to prospects and clients, help with structuring financial systems, and more.
The monthly fee is based on the individual situation of the box and instead of a “fixed cost” we base our fee on your growth. If your business performs better with us managing the fee increases in correlation – this means a complete win, win situation!

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